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What are krypton’s uses ?

What are krypton's uses?

What are Krypton’s uses?

kripton features
Definition :

The krypton is a chemical element of the group 18 (noble gases) belonging to the fourth period of the periodic table.

features of krypton

  • Item Name: Krypton ( Krypton )
  • Origin of the name: From the Greek kryptos: hidden, undercover.
  • Discoverer: Discovered by the Scottish chemist William Ramsay (1852-1916) and the English chemist Morris Travers (1872-1961).
  • Year of discovery: 1898
  • Atomic number (Z): 36
  • Atomic mass: 83.7980
  • Group: 18
  • Period: 4
  • Electronic configuration: [Ar] 3d104s24p6
  • Atomic radius: 112 pm
  • Aggregation Status: Gaseous
  • PE: —153.22 ° C
  • PF: —157.36 ° C

Physical and chemical properties of krypton

The important physical and chemical properties of krypton are as follows :

Krypton is a noble toilet gas (monoatomic species). It is found in the atmosphere in a very low concentration and, due to its low boiling temperature , it is difficult to condense it. It can be obtained as a result of nuclear fission of uranium. Its spectrum has bright green and orange lines.

Being a noble gas, it does not form compounds , unless, under special conditions, with fluorine, a substance with which it reacts by the action of an electric shock at low temperature to produce krypton fluoride (KrF2), which decomposes at temperature ambient.

The krypton can be obtained by fractional distillation of the liquefied air.

Applications of krypton

The applications of krypton are given below :

The krypton can be used in fluorescent lamps and camera flashes . Thanks to the reach of the red light emitted by the krypton, it can be an alternative in airport lighting systems.

Between 1960 and 1983, the unit’s wavelength, the meter, was defined from the wavelength of the spectral radiation of the Kr-86 isotope, that is, the meter was defined as 1,650,763.73 times the wavelength of the red-orange emission of the Kr-86.

Krypton is also used to detect leaks in sealed containers and in spacecraft propulsion research.

The krypton laser is used in medicine in retinal surgeries.

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