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What is the Periodic table?

How we learn periodic table?


What is the periodic table?

The Periodic table :

The idea of the periodic table of elements is associated with Mendeleev.

 But this classification is actually the result of the work of many scientists.

Chemists, physicists and even mathematicians who have sought to put order in the elements .

 The table as we know it today makes it possible to classify the elements according to their properties and their structures.

A great tool for chemists who want to predict the reactivity and the mode of formation of the elements for example.

If high school students are asked to learn the periodic table of elements – or at least in a nutshell – it is because it constitutes a real guide for the chemist. It allows for example to understand which elements are similar.

 More than learning its lines and columns by heart, it is especially important to recognize the periodicity or in other words, the repeatability of the properties of the elements .

And to know how to rely on the data it contains to better understand the nature of the different elements that constitute our environment.

The periodic table of the elements is a little chemistry what the letters are to the spelling. It can also be seen as a world map that helps us to orient ourselves in the universe of elements. © Shawn Hempel, Fotolia

Mnemonic means

To facilitate the learning of the periodic table, it is advisable to first memorize the place occupied in this table, the main families of elements: alkaline, alkaline earth, transition metals , halogens or the noble gases .

 In parallel, one can also memorize the names of the elements that make up the families in question.

And the use will make that one will end up retaining the precise position of each one of them.

For those who are pressed for time, there remains the option of mnemonic phrases. There are some to retain rows or columns

. For example, on line 3, the phrase Napoleon ate gaily six chickens without slamming money back to sodium (Na), magnesium (Mg), aluminum (Al), silicon (Si), phosphorus (P) with sulfur (S), with chlorine (Cl) and with silver (Ag). But free to everyone, of course, to invent his own to retain them even more easily.

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